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Introduction: Seasoning Bottle

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Recycling, that what i always say, today i will teach how to do a sasoning bottle, works for almost every seasoning and it's easy to make!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need
1 PET Bottle
1 Squirt Cap with it's cover.
a drill
and some sandpapper


circle magnet and glue

Step 2: First!

First, take the squirt cap cover and mark with a pen where you want the holes, here i made 5, 4 on the sides with 90° aling and one on the center.
after that, drill on the specific places, if you don't have a drill, them a hot screwdriver migth do the trick, sandpapper it and lets go to the next step

Step 3: Second

Put your seasoning inside, i put oregan becouse it was on a bag left on the kitchen, them put your drilled cover and press it there like on the photos, don't forget to sand it first, you don't want plastic residues on your seasoning do you? cap it and it's done! but...

Step 4: Final Touches

If you want more, glue a magnet on the cap and you can put your seasoning at hand, like i done with another seasoning bottle.
Please coment and sugest something. thanks and until next time.



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    yep i know there is few grammar erros, it's been a while that i don't practice my english

    Oh, I didn't realize that English wasn't your native language. In that case, you did a GREAT job!! :)

    Great idea, I usually make my own seasoning mixes, My thinking is, if you usually use garlic and onion powder, why open 2 containers when you can mix them together ? I do the same thing with steak sauce and worchestershire sauce. Thank you for the cool recycling "ible"