Seatbelt Key Organizer

Introduction: Seatbelt Key Organizer

After spending countless years on Instructables I finally decided to write an instructable for my self. I work at a car dealership so finding a left over seatbelt (tongue and buckle) wasn't too difficult. At a local scrapyard I'm sure you can find them for very cheap, or go to a garage and ask if they have a set laying around. I started this project because I had exams coming up and ofcourse started to procrastinate. This DIY seatbelt key organizer is actually very helpful because I always leave my keys laying around, this looks cool so i actually put that little effort into actually hanging up my keys. This is about a 20 minute project if you have the right tools and a little bit of experience in using a angle grinder.
Not only is it a fun project but it is also a great conversation starter.

Tools required:

Angle grinder
Work bench
Bench vice
Bench grinder

Safety equipement

Safety Glasses (I use a old welding helmet where I have taken the dark glass out off, this protects my whole face instead of only the eyes)
Gloves are quite essential because metal wil be cut and will be very hot.

Parts required

The Tongue of a seatbelt assembly
Buckle with belt and anchor point (This is usually found in a rear seat of a car, the front seat buckles are usually stiff and I dont think they look as nice)

Step 1: The Buckle

The buckle I used and most rear seat buckles have looks like the one in the picture. It has a anchor point with a short piece of belt to the buckle. I kept the anchor point so i can use it to mount it to my shelf. Other may to prefer to cut it off and make another kind of mount for their shelf.

Step 2: Creating the Tongue

For this part you need the tools and safety equipement as described before.
First cut off the sides of the tongue with the angle grinder after placed in the bench vice, when cutting the sides keep in mind how wide you want the tongue to become for on your keychain.
After both sides are cuz off there will still be some hard plastic on the left over tongue, this can be taken off using the angle grinder or the bench grinder. I preferd the angle grinder first then the small left over pieces of plastic were removed with the bench grinder.
When all the plastic is gone its time to round off all the sharp edges since your keys go in pockets and you don't want to cut youself or your clothes.
My tongue already had 2 holes in it which was actually too bad because I preferd one for my key chain but you will only know if your tongue has holes after you grind the plastic away. If it doesn't have a hole in it you will have to drill one in.

Step 3: Plastidip

This step is optional but it will result in a nicer finish. Since I didn't really polish my tongue nicely and I was still wasn't certain if I rounded off my edges well enough that it wouldn't cut through any pockets I decided to plastidip the tongue now the only reason I think mine didn't have a smooth finish is because I didn't use the normal plastidip I only had the isolation plastidip laying around. I dipped half of the tongue in the can, after it was dry i poked one hole open. Now carefully put a ring through the hole and your done. 

If anything is unclear let me know in the comment section and please vote for this instructable in the organization contest :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    very nice. you can make your own tongue using light weight aluminum. just trace the original tongue on a piece of aluminum and cut. this will save weight.

    Congrats on the first instructable! Now you've got your first subscriber. :)

    Chikpeas Brother
    Chikpeas Brother

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    By the way, I love that your how-to is well written, the pictures are clear and explanatory, and the idea is very clever. I'll vote! ^^