Second Best Shoe Tying Practice Thing

Imagine with me that you do NOT have a mud room or closet full of shoes and boots for your little boy or girl to practice tying their shoes on.

Great! You're all set to make the Second Best Shoe Tying Practice Thing.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


1 small chunk of 2x4 about 5 inches long
Parachute cord in 2 different colors
Some dark spray paint or wood stain


1 drill (a drill press is much better)
7/32" drill bit (long)
A belt sander with course 80 grit paper.
A circular saw.

Step 2: Make the Base

I started by shaping the 2/4 block so it looks a little like a shoe. I did this free hand with the belt sander and a pair of gloves. I did it just enough to give the idea that one end is the toe.

Step 3: Cut a Trench

In order to lace this later, your laces have be able to cross on the back side like they do on the front. To make this easy just cut a notch out of the back side of your block.

I used my skill saw and a vise to keep this safe and easy.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

I put the shaped block in the vice and laid out the holes for the laces. I put in 6 holes (only are shown) 1/2 inch apart. This is where you use the 7/32 drill bit. I did this free had too, but it would be much better in a drill press. You don't have to drill them straight through. You just have to drill into the channel you cut.

Step 5: Lace It Up

This is where you use two different colors of parachute cord. The idea is that the person practicing will be able to clearly see the two different shoe laces they are tying together.

1. Start by cutting equal lengths of the two different colors of parachute cord you have.

2.Tie them to get her with a square knot. I put my knot on top, but you can put yours on the bottom if you like.

3. Lace it up like you would a really shoe.

Step 6: Help a Child

This is the best part......or the worst part. I'm not sure. In the beginning there is a lot of complaining and then pure joy!!

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    2 years ago

    Why would you want to do this, what is the best shoe-tying practice thing, an actual shoe maybe? And if i don't have shoes why do my child need to know how to tie shoes?