Second-Chance Gardening



Introduction: Second-Chance Gardening

My sweet potato got old and it sprouted!
I was about to throw it away until I noticed how beautiful the baby leaves were.
After a few possibilities of giving it a second chance and keeping it alive, I chose to give a tree branch I had cut a second chance to be adored, too.

Step 1: Getting the Plants

If you don't have an old sweet potato, get a yam or sweet potato and let it sit at room temperature or to make it sprout a little faster, cut and end about 1-2" and soak it in water, just enough to soak the bottom part.
Change the water everyday until a few leaves have sprouted.

Step 2: Making the Branch Planter

Find two small branch from the yard cuttings.

Drill a big enough holes close to the ends of the shorter branch.
Line branches up and make holes on the longer branch accordingly.

String both branches with a manila rope, make a knot after it passes through each hole to keep branches from sliding.

Untwist the end of the rope to add style to it.

Hollow out parts of the branches where you would put your plants in. Make sure the holes do not go all the way through.

Step 3: Planting

Separate the plants off the sweet potato by cutting close enough to the eye but leave a small chunk of sweet potato attached to each of them.

Plant into the hollow wells in the branches and add a little soil.
Water a little and hang on the wall or present it as a gift.

Keep watering every other day.

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