Second Soldering Hand.

Introduction: Second Soldering Hand.

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This instructable is so easy to make, so there is no need to go out and get one of those hands free helpers, The best thing about this instructable is that you are reusing computers that do not have to go to a trash dump. Also show is the original unit that I made a long time back.  At the end is a short tutorial on how to solder.

This project will be used in connection with the podcasting ( instructable so that in case people ask me how I made it, I can refer them here.

Update: This unit is also great for holding metal thermometers when cooking. You do nt have to hold your hand and or arm over  a hot pan or pot to wait for the thermometer to get the correct temperature.

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Step 1: What Is Needed.

2 - Coat hangers
4 - alligator clips.
1 - Side of an old dead at power supply case. (an equivalent piece of metal will suffice.
Heat proof glue.

Wire cutters
Power drill
Set of drill bits.
Measuring tape.

Step 2: Making It Holy.

Here I used a more modern case.
You need to flatten it out and the fold it into a right angle.
Now you need to drill four holes large enough to hold two coat hangers per hole.

Step 3: Prepare the Coat Hangers.

Cut off the heads of the coat hangers. Bend the coat hangers so they are long and straight.
From the center of the coat hangers measure out half the distance between the bottom holes. mark those spots.
Bend each coat hanger so they sill fit though the bottom holes so that the tines go out the back.
Bend each time straight up so that they point to the upper holes.
Bend the coat hangers so that they fit back through the upper holes. This may take some manipulating.
At this point you probably could could off some of the length of you thought it was too long.
Sandpaper the ends of the tines so bare metal is showing..

Step 4: Aligator Clips

On each of the tines, you want to apply some heat proof glue.
Place the alligator clip on each tine immediately after you apply the glue.
Let dry

Step 5: Update:

Not only can you use this as a solder stand, but it makes a great thermometer holder when cooking meats. Thall shalt multi-task!

Step 6: Soldering.

Step 7: Soldering Application Hint.

Always making adapter and or breakout cables. Found I had trouble inserting bare wire ends into breadboars. So I took some old fashion paperclips and used part of those to make insertable ends on interface cables. Some newer paperclips are non-conductive. Tht means thew do not conduct electricity.

NOte: Made the cable for a parallel port programming of the Atmel 2313.Resistors are added on the breadboard.

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for the idea ! I did mine with the other part of the PSU, kept the fan on it to send the soldering smokes away, and used solid copper wires that I soldered to the case and the alligator clips. I got 2.5 mm section wires, a bit too stiff, it's hard to move them around.