Secret Bible Compartment.

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Have you ever been stuck for a secret stash-hole for your unmentionables? Be they medication, cutlery, a second mobile phone or the paper stuff, you need a secret place to keep some things for when your mum comes to stay.

Look no further than that Gideons Bible you half-inched from your last stay in a Travelodge!

Here is how to make the perfect religious hidey-hole for your dastardly implements.

You will need:

A bible!

Some stuff you don't want your mum to find!

A Stanley knife!

A felt tip pen!

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Step 1: Pick a Page to Start Cutting Your Stash-Hole.

Open your Bible at a memorable page.

I am choosing the one about the Plague of Frogs- cracks me up every time.

Put your secret junk on the page, to make sure it'll fit inside the book.

Step 2: Cut Your Secret Stash Bible Hole!

Draw round your sordid items of sin with a felt-tip.

Score along the lines with your Stanley knife.

Keep scoring down into the following pages, until your compartment is deep enough to house your fiendish wares comfortably.

Step 3: Close the Bible, Conceal the Evidence!

Put all your crazy stuff in the Bible-hole. Check you have cut it deep enough by closing the book, and checking it shuts properly!

Step 4: Plant Your Gideons Bible!

I would suggest you keep your trusty bible by your bedside, obviously inconspicuous and easy to reach!

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    15 Discussions


    2 years ago

    nice work! I like the tats.


    3 years ago

    I agree with phil


    4 years ago

    Not a bible a dictaonary

    My best friend used to go to a summer camp as a kid that didn't allow them to have candy so I made one of these and mailed it to her every summer disguised as a latest Harry Potter book, haha.

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    The best use for a bible and you wont have to worry about your stuff because no one in their right mind will pick it up to read it ;)

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Well played. I'm not going to get into what ara said becuase only arguements will ensue....BUT i like the craftiness, use of a common, mostly ignored item (can we call this upcycling?), and the wicked awesome mouse tat...Cheers!

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    Everything you may need for an emergency; matches, cash, knife, and a vibrator.

    1 reply
    Phil B

    5 years ago on Introduction

    The author and some of the commenters show a disregard for the Bible. But, consider this quote from an article on what has had great impact in our world over many centuries: Life Magazine...listed the ‘100 most important events in the past 1,000 years.’ "Number one was Gutenberg printing the Bible," he said. "The History Channel listed 101 objects that changed the world. Guess what number one was. The Bible. Imagine a school that would not teach about Columbus, which was number two on the list. Or imagine a school that would not teach about Luther and the Reformation in history class or the Industrial Revolution. Can you imagine these things not (sic) being taught, but number one is not."

    Whether you believe what it says or not, you need to know the Bible on its own terms, not alleged criticisms of it, if you want to be an educated person in our world.