Secret Bonus Toothpaste (and Other Items Dispensed From Tubes)

Introduction: Secret Bonus Toothpaste (and Other Items Dispensed From Tubes)

This instructable is illustrated using a toothpaste tube but can be applied to other items stored in tubes. Lotions, sunscreen, artist paints, condiments. Some contents may be runny so proceed with caution.

Everyone should brush their teeth as part of a health regime. and most people use toothpaste. We use Toms but there are other brands out there as well. What most people don't know is there a fair amount of toothpaste left in the tube when its 'empty' and pitched in the trash. Here is a way to get at that bonus toothpaste.

I remember seeing this mentioned by a guest on an Oparah show back in the mid 90's. So I'm not taking credit for the idea just this narration.

As with any instructable you are ultimately responsible for your own
safety. If you do not feel comfortable using any of the tools mentioned then do not proceed. If you're still reading at this point means your ready to go:

<<<<<<< Materials Needed >>>>>>>>>

Empty 'tube' with some hidden capacity

Pair of scissors

Permanent marker

Step 1: Step 1: 'Empty' the Tube

This is the profile of a tube of toothpaste that is 'empty' and ready for the bin.

There are a couple of methods to empty the tube in the first place and I;ll only mention them by name.

The 'grab & squeeze' method.

The 'roll up' method.

The 'fold & repeat' method. Actually very similar to the above.

The 'clip' method.

This last method is what I prefer and how I got the profile above. The 'clip' can be found at most big-box retail locations or even online. They are pretty robust and are well worth it.

Step 2: Step 2: Mark and Cut the Tube

Once you have emptied the tube you will be cutting it to get at the hidden toothpaste.

First mark your cuts. You will be cutting off the top, bottom, and then cutting the remainder (a rectangle profile) in half.

Results may vary. You should be able to get 1-2 servings from two 'halfs' of the tube. The top yields anywhere from 3-5 servings.

Thanks for reading.

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