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A box with a false bottom, virtually impossible to notice.


Step 1: Overview of Awesomeness

Ever have something you just wanna stash away? Something you'd like to hide from others? Weapons, Porn, Drugs, Sexiness? Can't find anywhere good enough?
This box stash is perfect! PERFECT.

Step 2: Construction Materials & Supplies

1. Sexiness, or something to hide.
2. Box, Drawer, something similar.
3. Supports.
a. Erasers
b. Pencils
c. Bits of wood, etc
4. Material for false bottom
a. Wood
b. Cardboard
c. Paper Mache
d. Whatever else you can find.

1. Drill
2. Glue
3. Extra sexiness, just in case you've lost yours already...

Step 3: Construction of 'box' -- False Bottom

False Bottom

For the false bottom, you may create it out of wood, anything, just as long as it fits discreetly inside the box so nobody notices.

For my false bottom, I made panel of wood and stained it the same color as my box, which has worked quite nicely.

Step 4: Construction of 'box' -- Drilling Holes

Step: Drilling holes

The hole you absolutely need, would be the one in the bottom to shove a pencil/pen/stick/rod/screwdriver/etc through in order to lift the false bottom.

Optional holes: In my box, I put 4 holes in the corners of the false bottom in order to prevent going against the air pressure.

Step 5: Construction of 'box' -- Supports


Use anything you can find, just make sure it's thick enough to hide whatever it is you're hiding. They also need to be of equal height, and reasonable. For example, you can't open up a 4" drawer to find an inch of space.
Another optional suggestion would be to glue your supports into place, however it's not necessarily needed, depending on your setup.

Step 6: Construction of 'box' -- Supports 2

Not really a step, just another picture example.

Step 7: Operation


To open, take any pencil or rod-like-object and insert it into the hole upon the bottom of your box, thus lifting your false bottom which will in turn reveal your hidden sexiness. Lift up the lid, then add, remove, or replace any objects or materials of your choice.

Step 8: Scott

The following is the reason why Connor wouldn't type anything, and Mr. Sexy Scott here had to do all the typing.
Not that I mind, I mean come on. I'm sexy. =D

P.S. In case you didn't notice ((Some don't)), the keys are in alphabetical order. =3



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    Lol he just popped off the keys and put them back on in alphabetical order, he said he was writing a program to make it work, but it was on his flash drive and that got broken. I've always wondered why they didn't make keyboards like that in the first place...


    haha the QWERTY keyboard was designed to have the most-used letters in the most convenient places on the board. thus increasing typing speed. And I knew he just switched around the keys, I was wondering if he came up with a program to make it work tho...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I know this is really old but I just wanted to say that the QWERTY key layout was designed to slow the person typing down because old typewriter would jam if you typed to fast.

    umm. it wasnt. it was developed to slow down typists because old typwriters would jam if you typed to fast. since then it has stuck.

    I remember being taught that in typing class. That it was to slow down the typists because they were too fast and jammed up the typewriters.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The truth is, NO ONE REALLY KNOWS why QWERTY was used. I've never heard of the typewriters jamming theory, but I do know that a big plus (or maybe a, repeat A, reason) was that typewriter salesmen could demonstrate how fast these typewriters could write. Because, as previously stated, the word typewriter is completely on the top row. Also, interesting, typewriter is the longest word you can type on one row of a keyboard.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    also because typewriter sales man could show how fast it was by typing typewriter. check and see, all the letters of it (typewriter) are in the top row

    its probably not worth mentioning, but the QWERTY keyboard actually separates the most used keys on the keyboard... it was designed to keep typewriters from getting stuck when two keys close together were pressed and slows down the typist... another keyboard WAS designed to speed up typing- i believe its called the DVORAC? can anyone verify that? cool idea on the false bottom...

    One feature of the QWERTY design was so that salesmen could sit down and peck out the word "TYPEWRITER" very quickly to demonstrate the ease of the machine. All of the letters are in the top row.


    He did I thought I mentioned that but I might not have... The only problem is that he kept it on his flash drive instead of his computer. Thx for the explanation about the computer.

    add a gasoline ignitor and this'll almost be the EXACT SAME as episode 2 of Death Note!! (where my anime fans at!!)