Secret Bracelet Storage Hack

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Intro: Secret Bracelet Storage Hack

This is a very easy hack to make bracelet storage "secret" and simple.   It will look like just another nice picture on your wall, but it will have extra storage.  If you have gotten one of these magnetic closure boxes for Christmas or your  birthday or something, this is an easy way to use it for storing some of your jewelry.  This is a Japanese gilded panel painting kit from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I bought at an after Christmas sale. There are a couple of different kinds of kits, not just the Japanese screen one.  First thing you do is paint your picture, following the instructions found in the box.  (Or not.  You do not really have to do the picture.  These kits are hard to do.  You can use another picture instead.  A picture of your dog, perhaps.  You wearing a silly hat.  That picture of your sister that she hates, but you find secretly hilarious.  Whatever you choose.  It's wide open.)  Step back and admire your artwork.  (Or the picture of your sister.  Well, maybe not admire.  Snicker, possibly.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Find some small hanging hooks that appeal to you.  I found these ones from "Command"  that color coordinated.   For the instructions, they said to rub alcohol on your surface first to assure a good adhesion, but I didn't rub alcohol on my surface because it was paper, and I didn't think it was wise.  Then it said to put the sticker on the wall first and then apply the hook, but I put the little sticker on my hook first instead of on the box, because I thought it would work better.  So, whatever you want to do.  :)   I waited the proper amount of time, and Voila!  A nice place to hang your bracelets.  You could also put other things in here instead, like a small box for secret love letters, a drop box for secret notes, a secret chocolate stash, anything secret, really.  Extra Bonus, the pocket that the picture goes in is pretty big, so you can use it to store something as well.  Maybe an extra 20$ for mad money.  Have fun!



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