Secret Compartment Wall Shelf (Made From Recycled Wood!)




Introduction: Secret Compartment Wall Shelf (Made From Recycled Wood!)

This is a small shelf I made from reclaimed pallets (I have a ton of them in my backyard!). It is made with not even one whole pallet, in the area of 1/2 to 3/4 of a pallet and some brad nails i'm sure there is a better way of attaching everything but this is how I did it using what I have. I may not have a lot of tools yet but I am slowly growing my shop and raising money for my next tool ( I have my eye on a robo 3d.) But anyways im sure there are alternatives to the tools i have used im just using what made it the easiest for me. I left mine unfinished and at 120 grit because i liked the rustic look it had while unfinished and still a bit rough. I think it gives it character, as you can see what it used to be. the first picture is how it is hung on the wall with the nails at the bottom and facing you, unless you hang the shelf very high or you are very short then the hinges will not been seen. Anyways enough rambling, lets get building! Heres what you will need:Tools:

  • Brad Nailer
    • Brads
  • Sander
  • Drill
    • Drill Bit
  • Air compressor
    • Air hose
  • Tape measure
  • Sawzall
  • Square
  • Miter saw


  • Pallet
  • Brad nails
  • some of your time :)

Step 1: Separating the Pallet.

The easiest way I have found to separate the pallets is with a sawzall, I put on a metal cutting blade and put it right in the joint between the 2x4 and the slats. Then I just apply a slight forward pressure so the foot is against the board then pull the trigger I just let the saw do the work only adding a little pressure it will cut right through the thin nails that they use on pallet. I've also found that it is quicker to just do one whole side at a time and then the other and then the middle. Then they literally just fall off. Something I did on my first that I forgot to do on this one is to trim the ends so that it is square to the rest. Now align the boards in the orientation that you will be attaching them together.

Step 2: Assembly of Said Shelf.

what you want to do here is get 2 boards and then hold them at a 90 degree angle to each other, then get your ends even and check that it is flush put 1 nail in at the end then go to the other end and line up and nail then nail the whole length. Do the same thing on the other side. Then find a suitable board to use for your end caps now you should have a giant u measure the inside of the shelf now cut your piece and repeat nailing process then repeat whole measuring process for other endcap. At this point in time I have basically just told you how to make trough. Now for the funish part.

Step 3: The Door.

For the door i found a pallet slat that was about a 8th inch too narrow and used it i don't mind the gap you might though so this one is up to you i just put it in the place and it it fit nice.the hinges are very simple just screw them right in. sorry for only 2 pictures the rest didn't save now for the closer after hinges are on close and Drill holes through the front face into the side grain then just slide nals in and its done . Now go fun and hang it on your wall ! if you liked this at all please vote for me in the hidden partment contest

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