Secret Deodorant Stick Compartment

Introduction: Secret Deodorant Stick Compartment

In this Instructable I will be showing you a place to stash your goodies where no one will ever think to look. Inside a stick of deodorant!

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Step 1: Remove Deodorant Insert

Remove the deodorant insert by twisting the knob.

Step 2:

The amount of space depends on how much of the deodorant is used. This stick is brand new, so I don't have very much. You can figure out by measuring the length of your deo container, then the deo insert, and subtracting the deo insert from deo container.

So here my container is about 5 inches, and the deodorant is about 3 inches.


So 2 x 2.5 x 1.5 = approximately 7.5 cubic inches of storage (I cannot tell exact amount due to curves in tube, but this is an estimate)

Remember, you can increase storage space by cutting the bar down and shaping it to look like its normal.

Step 3: Store Your Goodies

Remove the insert and toss your stuff down. Here you can see I have a few random items in my deo stick.

You may want to wash the inside of the container out if you are storing something that could absorb the smell, or put that item in a plastic bag.

Now screw the insert back on, and there you have it! Last place anyone would look for your secret formula, or stash of a 16 million dollar diamond is in a stick of deodorant.

Here is your finished product, an innocent stick of deodorant containing your most prized possessions.

Step 4: Thanks and Enjoy

Thanks for looking, try it out, enjoy!

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