Secret Dream Lego Lamp and Book-end




This instructable is an easy way to build a lego Book-end which hides your secret dream inside.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Step 1: Cut a Piece of a Lego Baseplate

Cut a long piece from your Baseplate with a cutter. 1/3 of this piece will be used to build the lamp while 2/3 will be positioned under the books to make everything more stable (in my picture it is 25 cm (10'') long x 12 cm (4,72") height).

It is very easy to cut a Baseplate:

- create a cutting mark (use a ruler to go straight)

- bend the baseplate in opposite directions until it breakes

Step 2: Create a Lego Scene on One Side of the Baseplate

On one side of the baseplate create a scene with your favourite lego pieces. This scene will be visible from windows when the lamp is turned on.

I created my secret science lab

Step 3: Build Walls Around Your Scene

Now start building your house/lamp and add windows and doors

Be sure that the scene is visible from doors and windows

Step 4: Close Your Lamp

Close your scene inside walls and put a few christmas lights on the roof

Hide threads in the roof between pieces and the lamp is completed!

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