Secret Floppy Disk Password Storage.

Introduction: Secret Floppy Disk Password Storage.

Hello. Do you have a ton of floppys gathering dust around your house? Well this Instructable will help you get rid of one of them .This is how to store several of your passwords on the floppy. Now this is not about saving your passwords on the floppy via a computer, but instead physically inside the floppy. It allows you to store up to 16 passwords and have easy access, while at the same time protecting the passwords and it its pretty cool.

I have made a short video showing how it works. Sorry for the quality, it was just to show the basic use.

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need:
- A floppy disk (obviously)
- Scissors
- Razor blade
- Super glue
- 1 sheet of 8.5" by 11" paper (standard letter size)

Step 2: Opening It Up

Most of you have already popped one of these things open, but for those of you that have not you can just put the end of your razor inside and twist it a little until it cracks open. Just be careful not to cut yourself or break the case.

Step 3: Making Space

Now for this step simply take out the thin disk inside and cut it away so that only the metal ring with a little bit of the disk still on it is left. Make sure that you keep that last bit that is under the metal lip, it is what keeps the appearance of a regular floppy disk.

Step 4: Pdf

Now download the floppypass.pdf template I have made. When you print make sure to print it in duplex. The template should be centered so you should not have to adjust anything. If your printer does not have duplex printing, you can either just print one side or "print-n-flip" to get it on both sides.

Step 5: Cutting and Writing

Now with the template, first cut out the inner circle before you cut out the whole thing so you have more paper to hold on too and therefore better control. Then cut out the entire template. After you have done this just write down your passwords inside the boxes on both sides.

Step 6: Gluing

For this step simply apply small dabs of glue on the back side of the metal disk around the edge. Then carefully get your template and line it up with the edge and center it as best as you can. After you have it right press it down and then let it dry for a few minutes.

You may have noticed that this picture does not have the passwords on it, but that is because I had them glued facing down the other way and simply had not written anything on this side yet. Also ignore the image note, it is for later.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Now you are almost done. First set the paper disk you have now made back inside the floppy disk. But, Before you glue it back up gently close it and see if it is easy to turn. You should be able to easily press and turn the metal disk to move through, if not just take the paper disk back out and carefully scrape away some of the paper that may be hanging down past the lip. then put it back in and see if it works better. After that just put some glue on the pegs of the case and close it up and apply pressure until dry. Congratulations! You now have a secret floppy password storage place!

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