Secret Hiding Flowery Centerpiece




Introduction: Secret Hiding Flowery Centerpiece

This project started out as a gift to a friend who was about to get married. Beautiful, pretty paper flowers which will always bring brightness and bloom in her life, arranged in a smattering arrangement as a center piece. The original piece is traveling the world with her as of now. Here, I made a smaller version with a secret compartment just for my first ‘ible.

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Step 1: >>> So, Here’s the List of Magic Beans You Need for This Project:

>/ A cardboard box (square/rectangle ;
must have flaps which open as in the picture)

>/ Coloured papers (Make pretty paper flowers from these)

>/ Double-sided tape

>/ Scrap newspaper

>/ Adhesive (Fevicol works for me)

>/ Cardboard (Scrap small pieces will do)

>/ Paper cutter (Nice and sharp, be careful)

>/ Ruler

>/ Stapler

>/ Pearl Metallic Colours (I used Pearl metallic copper and Pearl Blue, but you can take your pick)

>/ Paint brush (If finger-painting is not your thing :) )

Step 2: >>> Rev Up Your Engines, Here We Go:

>/ Orient the flaps of the box in such a manner that they are perpendicular to the working area.

>/ Now, use a paper cutter and ruler to cut out a side of the box which will be the hole (square/rectangular as per the box) in which we will place the flowers.

>/ Here, it is a square box with a square hole on the top, and the flaps are on the side, perpendicular to the working area.

Step 3: >>> Now for the Secret Compartment Inside the Box :

>/ Using a ruler, measure a square which is small enough to fit inside the box (about 3mm smaller on the sides will do).

>/ Using the square's side as the reference, cut out two rectangles which will support the cardboard square inside the box, as made above.

>/ Staple the rectangles to the square as to make a table.

>/ Slip the cardboard table inside the box.

>/ The square is now right below the cut-out made in the first step, with spaces above and below it.

>/ Use double-sided tape to stick the table rectangles to the walls inside the box.

>/ Stuff a little scrap paper on top of the table to make a base for the flowers.

>/ Use double-sided tape and adhesive to make the base sticky for the flowers to rest there.

Step 4: >>> Here Come the Flowers :

>/ Make as many different sized flowers as you want with different coloured papers. (Links and more pics are at the end for making the flowers as shown)

>/ Bunch the flowers together with double-sided tape and adhesive.

>/ Arrange the flowers so as to beautifully cover the sticky hole made for them in the box.

>/ My final arrangement of flowers had various shapes and sizes, mostly trial and error, and then, beauty!

Step 5: >>> Let's Get Sticky :

>/ Mix equal part adhesive and water and thin down the adhesive.

>/ Soak the scrap pieces of newspaper bits in the adhesive and stick it (single layer) on the box. [The glossy box doesn't allow paint to stick to it, but this method totally will].

>/ Cover the whole box with the newspaper bits soaked in adhesive. Make sure the flap is not stuck to the box, we need it to open and close to put our treasure.

>/ Let it dry completely before starting to paint.

Step 6: >>> Finishing Touches :

>/ Paint the box with the colours of your choice. I used a blend of Pearl Blue and Pearl Metallic Copper and it looks a suave rustic blue (superb :) )

>/ Make sure the flap is coloured as uniformly as the rest of the box but easy to open and close.

Step 7: A Last Note for the Flowers in This Ible :

Step 8: >>> Ta-da!

>/ Ta-da! Put your treasure in the box's hiding space, be it jewellery, money, pen-drives or even cookies.

>/ And when you close it and put it on a desk, it will be a beautiful centerpiece to the unknowing eye!!

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    5 years ago

    This secret compartment, PLUS pretty arrangement JUMPED out at me.
    I will add it to my collectio!!!!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much.

    And hope you have a speedy recovery :)


    5 years ago

    Welcome, Since 6 weeks ago when I broke my
    left Arm and got Pneumonia, Only 1 Instructable made it. Lol


    5 years ago

    I have to learn this.

    Wow it's so pretty! I love that it's an upcycle, and into something so nice! Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome :) Have been a great fan of the site since 2010, just got around to joining it now :P