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Introduction: Secret Jewelry Jar

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Whether you are trying to stash jewelry in a place a crook wouldn't think to search, trying to keep a
girlfriend/wife oblivious to one of her Christmas/B-day/Anniversary presents, or just looking for a unique way to give someone a gift you have to think outside the box!

I bought my girlfriend some earrings form a Farmer's Market in New Mexico and like a lot places they didn't come with a box. It's not very Classy to wrap up a Jewelry present still in the little ziplock bag the merchant provides or even just on the felt jewelry cards they are usually displayed on, so I went looking for a box. Besides wanting to present the gift in a fancy way I also wanted to be able to hide it in plain sight until Christmas.

Thief's tend to go for TVs, new electronics, and jewelry with the latter usually being in a treasure chest like box (which is probably appealing looking as well as full of pricey loot). This earring jar looks more like a decoration than something that might hold anything of value and would most likely go overlooked. Also snooping eyes might be deceived and think the jar is just full of paper and not a gift.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

1 Small Glass Jar with Cork (Hobby Lobby ~$2)
Ribbon/String (one or a couple colors, matching the jewelry or what ever you put inside is a nice touch)
Wrapping Paper
1 Thumb Tack
Item to Stash in the Jar (Earrings, Necklace, Ring, etc..)


Step 2: Decorate the Inside of the Jar

Cut Wrapping paper into 1/8" - 1/4" wide shreds that are approximately twice the height of the jar

Place the middle of the paper shreds over the opening of the jar and press in with a finger.

You'll have to do this a couple times with the paper pointed in different directions to cover the entire inside surface of the jar.

Be sure there is still enough room for whatever you are hiding inside the jar to fit.

It helps to press the paper against the side of the jar to free up some middle space.

Step 3: Prepare the Cork

Cut a small length of Ribbon and place one end in the center of the Cork and fasten down with a Thumb Tack

If you are hiding earrings I suggest using 3/8" wide ribbon with 2 holes poked in the length so that the earrings can hook onto the ribbon or fasten to the ribbon if they are the post type.

If you are hiding a ring or a necklace use thinner ribbon (1/8" or smaller) or string and tie the item to the cork. You will have to make a loop on one end to tighten around the tack post. Make a nice bow with the ribbon/string when you tie on the item to make it look nice and so the it can be removed from the cork easily.

Step 4: Finishing

Place the Item into the Jar and add Ribbon for extra flare. Now the Jar can be placed out on a mantel or dresser as a decoration until given as a gift or when the Item is removed to be worn. The paper can also be changed out to correspond with the seasons/holidays.

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