Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock


Introduction: Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock

This project was inspired from Grathio. I saw his video on Koreus and thought about doing the same thing for my final project in College. I added some functions to the program. It works very well.



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    Instructions, parts list, and/or a site with instructions for this project? I would like to see what this does and possibly built one myself.


    Bill Thomas

    For the instructions, follow the guide Steve made. It is the exact same way I did it. Therefore, I made a PCB for the circuit, changed couple of things in the arduino program to fit it with my needs and finally made a LabVIEW program that will take a photo of the person that fails the knock sequence. If you have any other questions, I have a report that I made for my teacher, maybe this could help you more. Just let me know

    - Vinny03

    May you please send your report to me ?

    May you please send your report to me ?

    Hello good day! Does this project has a servomotor in it?

    seems nice .. but a little short for a tutorial

    I am looking forward to work on this project can u pls mail me the circuit diagrams, list of component details and your report on my email id

    Thank you