Secret Lightbox

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I took that picture used Canon DSLR Camera on my Secret Lightbox

Step 1: Let Me Introduce My Room

That is my room and I want build a Lightbox in that room.
hmmm...seems will make my room more crowded...
So i have an idea to make a Secret Lightbox...
Have you any idea where is my Secret Lightbox ?

Step 2: Here Is My Secret Light Box

if you find a good place for your Lightbox like me, 
The next step is Painting and make it Glow ^^

Step 3: Prepare for Lighting and Painting, and You Finish

Materials you need :
  1. LED Strip
  2. Some Glue
  3. painting stuff
  4. cardboard
Tools you need:.
  1. Cutter
  2. scissors

Step 4: My Lightbox Now

I repaint with white paint and I remove the LED strips .

now , mw lightbox use external Lightting and I think it enough well.

Thank you ^^



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    nice concept. I'd been thinking about how to hide a lightbox for a while, This is a really elligant workaround :)