Secret Ninja Wheat Paste Jar



About: who is john galt?

A simple way to get wheat paste and a good brush where ever you need it. 

Empty glass jar. I used salsa cause we go through it at light speed, but you can use anything that you can get your brush to fit in and touch the bottom, so you can get down to the last drops.
Wall paper brush. I paid 2.79 for mine.
Something to saw with and something to screw with. Hopefully better than mine, which i believe came from a dollar store.
2 screws. 
Washers optional, if your that kinda person.
Wheat paste. Recipes are everywhere online, experiment until you find something you like.
Cute but deadly attack cat. Keeps work space safe and has the soft soft belly.
Material for pasting. Pretty much anything you can think of that other people might enjoy seeing, including but not limited to: collages, paintings, prints (screen, block, or litho), drawings, photocopies of your face hands or genitalia, pages of books, religious or political propaganda, the sunday comics, beer bottle labels, fabric, blank pages, receipts, money, drunkenly written love poems to strangers, collection letters, and parking tickets.

In 15 words, Cut, screw (offset to get in them corners), trim bristles to fit, fill, close, go. 



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