Secret Note Parachute

Intro: Secret Note Parachute

Attach secret notes to this fun and easy parachute and send them to your friends!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Plastic bag
Paper clip

Step 2: Plastic

Cut out a circle out of the plastic bag. Make it however big or small you want.

Step 3: Design

Draw on the plastic circle to make a design of your choosing!

Step 4: Wire/string

Glue or tape 4 peaces of wire/string to the inside of the plastic. Make sure that it is sturdy, and will not fall off. Cut the wire/string about 5-6 inches.

Step 5: Paperclip

Glue or tie the paperclip to the ends of the four strings.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Put your secret note in the paper clip and send it to your friend! Have fun!



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    Question 8 months ago on Introduction

    do you have glue or tape the string or can you poke a hole and ti it