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Introduction: Secret Saint Nick - Dutch Mystery Gifting

About: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.

Secret Santa, some people do it every year,
Even some Dutch on Instructables here.
Only we do it a little bit different from you,
So read on, if you don't have a clue.

Let me tell you about our present tradition,
the so called Dutch Santa Claus edition.
Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas, is our holy person's name,
Together with the (Black) Petes, he shares his fame.

On his birthday(December 5th) he gives all children presents,
He even gives something nice to all parents.
The Petes are like your Santa's elves,
And together with Saint Nick, they enjoy themselves.

For about 2 to 3 weeks together they walk the streets,
Where they surprise the children with cookie sweets.
Pepernoten, the small spiced bisquits are called,
Dutch love them, both the young and the old.

But how is this like Secret Santa I hear you say,
To know the answer to that, you need to stay.
In the next step it is further explained,
How the proper Dutch tradition is obtained.

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Step 1: Mystery Maker

The real excitement starts when you get old,
Then the creative minds start to unfold.
'Surprise' is what we call Secret Saint Nick,
Making something special is the secret trick.

Everyone is randomly assigned a person to surprise,
Making a wish list is often wise.
You buy your person all kind of nice things they want,
A soccer ball, necklace, or maybe a croissant.

Once the present are all without wrapping paper,
It is finally revealed who was your gift shaper.
You both have a laugh about the strange given stuff,
But at least you tell you got more than enough.

But how is this different from Secret Santa I here you say,
To know the answer to that, you still need to stay.
In the next step it is further explained,
How the proper Dutch tradition is obtained.

Step 2: Glorious Gift-wrap

Everything is bought and the presents are in,
Now the real maker fun can begin.
You know your person(s) well enough,
But even then a good idea can be quite tough.

It's time to make a DIY personalized Gift-wrap,
With in the "belly" a large gap.
This is where the presents should go.
Such that none of the presents is show(n).

The lucky person likes cows in March and May?
Make a horned one laying in a stack of hay.
Maybe he or she likes fantasy books to read,
Make a large book with him as character in the lead.

All in all you should make something large and cool,
And maybe make the other person look like a little fool.
A small joke about something he did like get stung by a bee,
Or maybe when he was drunk he bumped hard into a tree.

It actually doesn't really matter as long as it's funny.
Maybe she looks like a car driving bunny?
Be creative and it all will go according to plan,
Both for the women and for the men.

But there must be more to it, I here you say,
To see if that is true, you still need to stay.
In the next step it is further explained,
How the final step of the Dutch tradition is obtained.

Step 3: Peerless Poetry

Peerless poetry is the next step of this celebration,
In the Netherlands and some other small nations.
The presents and gift wrap are accompanied by rhyme,
Both poetic and pathetic, all verse is fine.

Some people rhyme about the presents they give,
Others write about the how the other persons live.
I tend to rhyme about the wrapping and giving a clue,
About what is under all the paint and hot glue.

I sometimes even be extra creative in the form of a song,
The singing of my verses almost always goes wrong.
Out of tune is most common,
Especially the higher notes designed for women.

But for now enough rhyme and verse,
One last tip, in your poetry you shouldn't curse.
Rhyme, verse and poetry once a year is nice,
Even bad Saint Nick poetry about ice and rice.

Up to here this is no normal Instructable, I here you say,
For the real things I made, you still need to stay.
In the next step it is further explained,
How my latest creation can be obtained.

Step 4: Extraordinary Example

In my live I already made a few,
With the latest specimen here for you here to view.
This year we celebrated with five sets of two,
Because like that, the present hiding is easier to do.

We got my brother in law and his girlfriend,
Immediately we knew how the gift wrap should end.
My brother in law is a hugging man,
He hugs his girlfriend whenever he can.

They love to go out, listen to music of bands,
It became even easier what this gift-wrap demands.
Our old electric grill is what we promised the man,
And that is where the DIY-story began.

We placed a sparerib stage for the band on top,
With lights, such that the band can play nonstop.
Lettuce curtains make the stage complete,
Now we only need a second piece of meat.

The piano was made of fake marshmallow and steak,
A drum was the next instrument to make,
Carrots, salami, cucumber and cheese,
That should be playable with ease.

The guitar was made out of a salad fork,
Although some people also use it to eat pork.
Finally the bandmembers form a secret clue,
About where we bought a present or two.

A barbecue recipy was the poem style,
Which made all participants giggle and smile.
In the end they enjoyed all given stuff,
And I think in this Instructable I rhymed more than enough.

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