Secret Door

Introduction: Secret Door


Today I'll show you how to build a door locked with a alphanumerical password.

All you need is :

- 1 Lava bucket

- 1 Dispenser

- 2 Iron door

- 3 Comparators

- 8 Repeaters

- 5 Redstone tochs

- 11 Hoppers

- Some redstone dust

- Some quartz block (or other block)

- 1 Anvil (For filter and secret code)

- 1 Chest

The locked doors can be open with absolutly all your items (blocks, item, papers with strong password...)

So, now you're ready to go !

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Step 1: Build Filter

Put a hopper toward the ground, and a chest on top of it.

It will serve as a detector to open the door.

Put two hoppers behind the chest but straight toward it.

Add another hopper toward the chest on top of the last one pointing into the void.

To make the filter (cf. IMG 7) you'll use 2 redstone's dust, a comparator, a repeater and a torch.

Step 2: Build Automatic Switcher

The automatic sorter allows emptying the circuit of unauthorized items by sending them in lava.

Step 3: Set the Filter And...

You can rename items, leaving endless combination possibilities.

This is what we will use to secure the filter. Rename single block of stone "0" to fill the filter, then place in order:

-item coded to open the door

- 6 stone blocks named "0"

- 5 stone blocks named "0"

- 5 stone blocks named "0"

- 5 stone blocks named "0"

This will have the effect of passing only the coded items, eg a named item (Shlaguevuk) blocking (and eliminating) the bad ones.

Step 4: ... Burn the Wrong Code

Here, the images speak for themselves, the comparator send a signal that start the distributor and burns bad items.

(Note: it is probably better to use a dropper)

Step 5: Build Floor and Door

It's time to build the doors a platform, and all that will be useful.

Place a torch bellow each door, and link them tp an inverter (a block + a torch) to lock the doors in the closed position. Put a comparator near the chest, its output to the opposite direction, then close to it a repeater that will send a signal on 15 blocks.

Step 6: Try the Doors

Now put a coded item in the hooper, nothing happen, this is normal as you've to initialize the system, the next correct code that you'll throw in the hooper will open the door.

Step 7: And Close When the Player Walk Throught the Doors

Now simply connect two (or more) pressure plates to the hooper that is under the chest (via an inverter) to activate the hoopers which are under the chest, and then close the doors.

This system is editable and can be use to make traps, hidden stairs (etc).

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