Secret of the Pyramid




Until date no one has the complete details or rather has solved the mysteries of the pyramid,by common sense one can say that the pyramid's secrets are known only by its creator.

This instructables gives you an idea of creating your own pyramid using LEGO and also the secret it holds.

Step 1: Things Required

  1. A working place like a table.
  2. LEGOS.

Step 2: Base of the Pyramid

  1. select all the flat LEGOS as shown.
  2. Try and arrange them in an evenly manner i.e length and width should be same.

Step 3: Mounting 1

  1. start arranging the pieces only on three sides as shown and leave the other side empty as of now.

Step 4: Mounting 2

  1. start placing other pieces on top of the existing ones,but by placing the top ones exactly at the center of the bottom ones as shown
  2. note that the pieces placed on the sides surrounding the empty side should be arranged in descending order from base to the top, as shown.

Step 5: Mounting 3

  1. To build the empty side, select the LEGO pieces as shown
  2. place the pieces on top of another as shown

Step 6: Mounting 4

  1. now carefully place the separately built side onto the pyramid as shown
  2. make sure the side is settled properly.
  3. place a small piece to give the finishing touch to the pyramid.

Step 7: How to Keep Your Secrets..?

  1. The main purpose of providing a hallow or space inside the pyramid is to hide your secrets or money or anything
  2. In order to do so, all we have to do is to remove the top piece.
  3. Remember which side is easily removed.
  4. hold the bottom piece of the side which can be removed easily, as shown and pull the side upwards.
  5. stack your money or whatever that fits in.
  6. close back the side.



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