Secret Self Defence Pen


Introduction: Secret Self Defence Pen

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This is a very simple but affective weapon that can be both dangerous and almost harmless at the same time. WARNING DO NOT ATTACK ANYONE FOR THE FUN OF IT! Also I am not responsible for any damage or injury caused by this weapon.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- You will need a Pentel P205 mechanical pencil

- A long needle

- And a small weapon that you wish to conceal (it has to be skinny like a small dart)

Step 2: Making the Blow Dart and Covering the Secret Area Up

First of all you will need to take off the silver tip at the top. Underneath there will be a rubber that slots in to the pencil. Take this out and push a needle through it length ways to make your blow dart (optional). You will see that when you take out the rubber there will be a compartment where the leads are kept which is also the perfect place for secretly getting weapons to school. Finally all you need to do is place your weapon in the chamber put rubber/blow dart back in place and put the silver cap back on. You are ready to roll!

Step 3: Preparing the Blow Gun (optional)

To make the blow gun all you need to do is unscrew the mechanical pencil tip and push/pull the chamber out of the shell, then taking of the silver top of the mechanical pencil you can slide out the blow dart before loading it in the shell and firing.

This instructable may also work with other mechanical pencils. Please vote or give your opinion as I would be interested to see the result if you modify it.



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    6 Discussions

    mean. Just while you're at it,why don't you add a grenade launcher underneath it,, and don't forget a bayonet.

    1 reply

    oh great one brains...while ur at it why dont u add a whole heat seeking bloody missile fortress.....just a brainy idea: )....nother brainy idea coming up...put it where the ink cartridge is!!! full of brainy ideas coz i just got another one:D...add a mini gun that comes out the side!!!...another next gen idea!!!...add a friggin self destruct system to it!!!...and here comes yet another one!!!..actully forget my next idea coz this pen is sorta getting quite complected at this stage...

    OOWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! that would hurt

    I like this. can you give me like and vote me in Egg Contest 2016. thank Youu :-)

    1 reply

    Actually, you should add a bayonet! You could make a retractable one that clips onto/slides out from the bit that clips onto your pocket, or just in fronty if it.