Secure Charging Cables With Velcro

Introduction: Secure Charging Cables With Velcro

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This is a simple solution to a problem of keeping the charging cables accessible from the top of my night stand. The cables were always sliding down off the tabletop. I wanted to be able to reach them easily but have them tucked behind the table when not in use.

I bought a strip of plain hook and loop tape (Velcro). Then I cut off a long strip of the "soft" (or loop) side and used hot glue to secure it to the back of the night stand, a few inches below the top. Next, for each cable, I cut about 2 inches of the "scratchy" (or hook) side of the Velcro and used this to secure the cables. The bonus of this is that there is some friction created by the Velcro which holds the charging cables in place however much I slide them out from the Velcro holder.

You can use a long strap to organize many chargers or a small strap to hold one or two. I used hot glue to secure the Velcro strip to the furniture but you can staple it down, use epoxy, or any other method that works for you.

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    7 months ago

    This is incredibly perfect, and incredibly simple, and will obviously work better than anything I was just looking at on Amazon. Heading to the junk drawer for our velcro.....