Secure Shred Individual Files Using Send to With Ccleaner




This Instructable will show you have to add a Send To option to your right click which will enable you to delete file with CCleaner.

Step 1: Create the Batch File

We will be using a batch file to execute the command call to CCleaner's internal deletion command. Open notepad and paste the following command:

c:\progra~1\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe /delete "%1"

Step 2: Show Hidden Folders

In the next step you will save the batch file in your send to folder, this folder is hidden. If you know how to show hidden files then proceed to the next step, otherwise:

XP - In an explorer window (open my computer), goto Tools, Folder Option, View, Show Hidden files and folder

Vista - In an explorer window (open my computer), goto Organize, Folder and Search options, View, Show Hidden files

Step 3: Save the File in Send To

You now need to save the file as a batch file in yours sendto folder.

For XP users this is:

c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\SendTo

(substitute your account name where it says USERNAME)

For vista users this is:


(substitute your account name where it says USERNAME)

Make sure you save it as a .bat file.... to do this enter the name with .bat in quotations. E.g


Step 4: All Done! - Nearly

Now you need to enable the secure deletion option in CCleaner, this will ensure files are shredded and not just delted (which is recoverable).

Open CCleaner and goto Options, Settings, Secure Deletion.

Choose the number of passes you would like.... the more passes the longer it will take.

Now when you right click a file, you will have a Send To option with the name of your batch file. Click it to shred your file!



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Please see my new improved V2 version which puts the shred option straight into the context menu.