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Introduction: Secure That Load !

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There are many ways to secure a load of material in your vehicle. I carry a wide variety of things almost everyday during my search for curb gold , this is what I have found to be the easiest for myself. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own needs

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Step 1: The Truck

 I have an older pickup without tie down points other than the stake pockets, (stake pockets are meant to hold pieces of wood to build higher bedsides or to secure loads) many of the newer trucks have built in attachment points that can be used in a similar fashion

Step 2: Attach the Rope

on the inside of the bed there are holes in the stake pockets that are meant for bolts securing the stakes, they also make great ways to attach a rope. Just run your rope through the hole and tie it off. In my case I often have a bunch of stuff in the way making it difficult to thread the rope through the hole so I make a know it the end of the rope and pull it back inside the pocket and just leave it attached. I have one rope in each front corner of the truck bed

 For you eagle eyed out there, yes there are 3 different ropes shown, the blue rope and the orange and black rope are the ones I use. The yellow rope I used for demonstrating the procedure.

Step 3: Get Loopy

For ease of securing different size loads I put loops in one of the attached ropes, one loop is towards the front of the truck and the other is more of an eye in the end of the rope. The clip rings in the pics come in handy for additional lines or bungee cords

Step 4: Secure It

Using the loop, rings and eye in the one rope and the long rope from the other side I can make a modified type of truckers hitch by passing the end of the one rope through a loop in the other and pulling against the loop to tighten the ropes, a modified bowline then secures the lines together. I also carry a small bag full of ropes, ratchet straps and bungee cords but the 2 attached ropes do about 95% of securing needs

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