Secure Your Data Hiding Them in Images. Steganography




This isn't the result image with the hidden files, because when i upload it it has been converted to jpg.

You can download the original file from:

The password is "a".

To make this instructable you will need:

  • A unix based os with a compresion tool like rar and the cat command, or windows with a compresion tool.
  • Some secret files.
  • An inocent image in png or jpg format.

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Step 1: Gets Started!

You need to put yours secret files in a folder. And in the parent directory you can put the image.

Open a bash terminal. And change the directory to the secret folder parent.

Like in the image.

Step 2: Compress the Secret Directory.

Use the rar command to compress the information. You must use a password to increase the security.

rar a out.rar mega-secret-files -hp

You can also use other compressed formats.

Like in the image.

Step 3: Use Cat to Concatenate Both Files. or Type in Windows

The next step is concatenate both files with the command:

cat image.png out.rar > newimage.png
If you are using windows:
type image.png out.rar > newimage.png

BOOM! the picture with the hidden files is ready.

Step 4: Let's Recover the Information.

To acces to the information you only need rename the extension of the image to rar. And then you can open with the archive manager.

Put the password.

Extract the information.

Like in the images.

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Reply 7 months ago

I think it's Elementary OS, it kinda has that feel to it.


3 years ago

I want to decrypt a stegnographic text message that is hidden within a text message only...then what should I do

kal walid

4 years ago

not gonna happens when you try to hide a file or an image which exceeding the image size.

1 reply
darkskamankal walid

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Why not?, the rar file is larger than the image.

The output file have the size of both files.

This may reveal that there is something odd. if you hide a very large file into a small, low-quality image. No sense an image of a size 50x50px 2Gb for example.
Thanks for the comment.
Captura de pantalla de 2015-01-07 15:00:35.png

4 years ago

very slick. I'm curious what a file query would return. have to try it out later

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

The file commands only look in the headers of the first file, when finish the first headers it stop searching. But when you use an archive manager it look for the headers of a compressed file, ignoring the png headers.

Thanks for the coment.

I hope you like the instructable. When you try it, push i made it.

Captura de pantalla de 2015-01-06 10:57:20.png

4 years ago on Introduction

i did not take computer science as my major and so i can appreciat all that went into this ..