Securing Sunglasses' Strap.

Introduction: Securing Sunglasses' Strap.

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

The strap for my prescription sunglasses came apart last week. I love the security of having the strap in place and it's convenient for hanging around my neck.
Read on for how I secured the strap back onto the sunglasses.

Step 1: The Problem and the Fix.

The elastic rubber tubing for each end of the strap has gotten slack over the years. I will use black silicone adhesive to fix this.

Step 2: Rubber Tubing to Glasses.

A small amount of silicone to the sunglasses then the rubber tubing was slid on. I cleaned off the excess silicone.

Step 3: Strap to Rubber Tubing.

I squirted silicone into the open ends of the rubber tubings and next slid the fabric strap into them.

Leaving it to cure for at least 24 hours, my sunglasses is now ready for action!



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