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I've searched the net for a free dummy security camera 3d model to place in front of my apartment, didn't be able to find a good one. So designed my own.

First I've did a search on the camera models on the market and decided on shapes that hopefully will be easily recognized by the potential thieves, discouraging them what they plan to do :D

Then I've made the modeling of the camera I had in mind. I've modeled it in a smaller size to be printable by all of 3d printers at the market today. This also saved materials of course.

The design has got free empty space inside so it is also possible to put a real wireless camera module from ebay and use it as a real security camera. Or webcam, whatevery you like.

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Step 1: Printing

I've used my UP printer to print 4 parts of the camera.

Step 2:

The lens looking like a camera lens inside is actually a wide angle LED colimator which is available on the market. The cam will look very real with it. There are 4 holes for 3mm leds that will imitate IR lighting leds inside the camera. There is also empty space inside so if you like you can place a circuit to flash them, or anyhting else. Even a real camera can be fitted in, making my design not a dummy but a real security cam. Ebay is full of small cameras, many of them wireless that can fit inside. There is also a dummy wireless antenna thing on top.

Step 3: Assembly

I've sprayed the printed parts with metallic gray paint and they look even more real now. The wireless antenna is painted bo black.

Used an old adapter of a cell phone to power the very simple circuit inside.

The circuit is comprised of two resistors and 5 leds only. 4 white and one red led.

white leds are connected in parallel and then connected to a 100ohm resistor to be powered by 5v adapter.

the red led is also connected in series with a 220ohm resistor to be powered by the same adapter. If you want a brighter led then reduce the resistor a bit and vice versa.

Step 4: On Duty

I've screved it to the ceiling of my apartment entry. As there is a mains plug nearby, I adjusted the power cord to match. If you don'T have a mains plug like this, just use some more cable ;)

Step 5: In the Dark

Its been 10 days now, the leds are on 24hours. They consume around 20ma in total; nothing important.

STL files can be downloaded on this link. At the bottom of the page.

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    That looks really good! With the collimator lens you really can't tell the difference.