Security Camera Strobe Light




Introduction: Security Camera Strobe Light

To effectively use a security camera system as a thief deterrent, the cameras must be easy to see but most or non of the cameras come with any warning light. On this instructable I'll show you how to install an strobe led light on a stock bullet camera that comes with RI lights for night vision. You will need the following supplies and tools:

1 prewired 5mm Blinking LED 12v dc (I used blue LED) I bought mine on ebay at
Silicone sealer
Soldering iron
Solder tin
Flux paste
Small Phillips screw driver
Needle nose pliers
Multimeter (if you have a different camera model)
Drill with 13/64 drill bit
A security camera of course :)

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Step 1: Take the Camera Apart

Start by removing the top cover and front lens cover, on this model the lens cover unscrews to expose the camera and IR lights assembly, remove screws holding the camera, IR led light assembly and unplug all the connectors, be careful not to strip any cables.

Step 2: Soldering the LED

I want my LED to turn on only at night so I solder the positive side of LED to positive side on the IR light connector, the negative gets solder to a negative side on the board where an IR light is also solder.

Step 3: Drill the Housing

Drill a hole where the LED will sit, I recommend placing it on the bottom side but make sure there is enough clearance inside when all the parts are assembled to avoid drilling a hole and then you find out that there is no space to place the LED.

Step 4: Check and Assemble

After soldering the wires in place, check that the LED works as planned, then is time to replace all the parts back inside the housing. Make sure the camera in placed correctly so that you won't get an upside down image once connected . I put some silicone around the LED to secure it in place and make a water tight seal.

Step 5: Completely Assemble

Finish assembling all the parts and close the camera, test it one more time to ensure no cables were damaged during assembling.

Step 6: Mount and Test

Now you are ready to mount back on the wall and make all connections, go back in your house and check that you have an image and it looks the way is supposed to, check at night to see your LED blinking bright blue, it will be hard to miss ;). Good job!

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2 Discussions


4 years ago

I don't believe it will work, cameras equipped with IR light, usually have a night vision seting and a sensor that switches the camera between day and night vision, the IR lights just illuminate the area but don't give the ability to become night vision. Go on eBay and buy a camera with night vision and then just switch the inside of the cameras.


4 years ago

hi i have a GET Black & White Pan and tilt Cctv it has no infer red / night vision just day vision is there any way i can add night vision to it would be gratful if you could advise me if i could do it with one of these boards

inferred illuminator board.JPG