Border Security System.


Introduction: Border Security System.

We have lots of nation and we control our border very accurately. Thus we have created system which could detect presence of human or any other object using IR sensors and microcontroller. if anyone comes then buzzer will start and we will have entry in database in our computer as well as warning message will be provided on computer screen. Computer connection is done using UART bridge and VB language is used for computer back end. Microcontroller is programmed in embedded c.

Step 1: Powering Hardware

start the hardware by giving 5v power supply from computer or from any 5v dc power supply.

Step 2: Start Software

start software on computer and connect the module on USB port of computer using ttl converter or UART bridge.

ttl converter will provide the data from microcontroller to computer readable form and vice versa.

Step 3: Realtime Tracing

you can also see your location realtime view from the google maps.

Step 4: Software Output

you can see the output on computer but hardware buzzer output is restricted.



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    if any one having any problem so.... mail me on

    if any one having any problem so.... mail me on