Sedrick the Spider With Movable Joints, Cheap,easy and Child Friendly!!

Introduction: Sedrick the Spider With Movable Joints, Cheap,easy and Child Friendly!!

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Well Halloween is just around the corner and it is once again time to put up all things ghouly. But you do not have to break the bank to give your house the wow factor! This is a fun halloween ornament that children and adults alike can make, a fun family activity!!

My son is hosting a halloween/birthday party so child friendly was essential and with money being sparse i decided to do a bit of D.I.Y with the help from my 10 year old we made an effective but eco- friendly, not to mention purse, friendly Sedrick Spider!

Sedricks joints are all moveable and he just loves to hang around!! If you wish to make a standing spider you just need to shorten the legs and strengthen them!!
I shall try shortly and post!!

This is my first attempt at doing an instructable, please be warned!!

Step 1: What You Will Need - No Real Cost Involved!!

Here is a list of everything that you will need to make your very own Sedrick Spider. You will probably have it all in the house anyway making it an ideal little project!!

You will need :-

Old newspaper, 1 should be enough ,more if you want to make a bigger spider
Some sellotape
Some black bin liners, Sedrick used 2 and he is a reasonably big spider!
A few scraps of red paper, tissue paper or crepe paper
Scissors to cut with
Some glue
and last but not least, some imagination and a touch of patience!!

Step 2: Prepare Your Paper !

Start by taking a sheet of newspaper and crumpling it up into a ball,do this to about 13 sheets of paper leaving you with 13 balls of newspaper. These will be the spiders insides and give it a 3d shape. 10 balls will be his body and the other 3 a head,alter the amounts if you wish to have a bigger or smaller spider.

Step 3: Make His Insides!

Place 10 of the balls on an opened piece of newspaper - longest side at the bottom, this newspaper will hold his insides together. When you have the balls in place fold the paper over, sellotape in place and squeeze / twist the ends and fold into the centre making a parcel of paper balls. You can tweak this to make the shape of your spiders body. Once done sellotape in place.
You should be left with a giant newspaper ball.

Step 4: Make the Head !

For the head of the spider place the remaining 3 balls in another sheet of newspaper and twist leaving a lollipop shaped parcel.The "neck" of the spider will enable you to pose its head in any direction you want.

Step 5: Give Him Skin!!

Cover both lots of newspaper shapes in a black bin liner. Cut the bin liner open to give you the full are of plastic to use.To ensure that the print of the newspaper doesnt show through i doubled the bin liner.
Pull the bin liner tight around the paper to hold the shape of the spiders body. Sellotape in place. If you place all the sellotape on the underside of the spider the legs will cover it.
Attatch the head to the body, again with the sellotape on the underside of the body. You can place the head in any position. If you sellotape about an inch down the neck insead of at the top his head this will still enable the head to be moved!

Step 6: Make the Legs!!and They Are Moveable Too!!

Take some more opened sheets of newspaper and roughly roll it longways. At the ends of each side put some sellotape around it to hold the shape Do this to 16 pieces of paper in total. These will be  the parts of the legs.
To enable the legs to be moveable I made a joint by sellotaping 8 of the pices of paper rolled into half and sellotaping the ends closed making an "0" shape. I then took another piece of the paper and ran it through the hoop and then sellotaped the ends of that piece interlinking them into "8" shapes.
If you do this for all of the pieces you will end up with 8 legs, all with moveable joints, Place the legs at the angle that you would like them and place a piece of sellotape around the joint.Do this about an inch away from the centre of the joint to enable movement.

To cover the legs cut strips of the bin liner and simply wrap around the legs.Attatch at the beginning and end of the leg with a bit of sellotape.Repeat for all the legs!

Step 7: Attatch the Legs!! and Make Him Scary!!

To attatch the legs in roughly the correct position attach the first and last legs on each side, then place the other two in place. Sellotape again!! this will hold them in place and you should be able to get roughly the same gaps between the legs. Use plenty of sellotape to hold the spiders legs in place.

With a small square of red paper and a bit of pva glue you can give your spider jazzy feet!! Just put a small bit of glue on the ends of the legs and squeeze paper onto it. Also you can use spare paper to do the traditional Black Widdow egg timer trademark or any thing else you desire! I have used tiny pieces of the red paper for some lovely red eyes simply screwed up and glued on.

Step 8: Up He Goes!!Or Is It Down?!

Attatch the spider to the ceiling by placing a loop of black fabric or string around his body and attatching to the ceiling with drawing pins. Surround him in the usual pretend cobwebs that you get at any shop - i am sure most have this already! I added a couple of little spiders to keep him company.
And there you have it, Your very own Sedrick Spider.
This was my first attempt and was done with my 10 year old son, he enjoyed making this and loves it!!
Note - this is a child friendly version, you can spend more time and improve him and add some extra touches like a fangs or a fly caught and cocooned.

Any questions please feel free to ask!!
Thanks for reading!!

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