SeeForMe Accessibility App for Android

Introduction: SeeForMe Accessibility App for Android

SeeForMe is an Android application that integrates with the accessibility program TalkBack, providing spoken feedback on three possible modes of photo processing: object, text, and color recognition. Users with visual impairments are better able to understand their surroundings with the help of the SeeForMe application.

In order to get SeeForMe running on your phone, you will need a Google Cloud Vision API Key, Android Studio, and an Android Device with TalkBack installed.

We hope our project proves to be useful, and we'd love to see any iterations or improvements that may be made.

You can contact us at and we'll try to respond as soon as we are able.

Special thanks to:

Jacob Wood, Anat Caspi, Bruce Hemingway, George Zatloka

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Step 1: Get a Google Vision API Key

Follow this link

Being able to use the SeeForMe Application requires an API key in order to make calls to the Google Cloud Vision engine.

Follow the steps in the guide provided by Google.

Once you've created a key, be sure to remember where to find it.
You'll need it later.

Step 2: Have Android Studio Installed

If you have Android Studio already installed, great!

Otherwise, follow this link.

Once you have Android Studio installed, you'll be ready to get the SeeForMe project.

Step 3: Download the SeeForMe GitHub Repo

Follow this link to go to the SeeForMe GitHub page

You can download this as a .zip and unpack this project into your Android Workspace.

Step 4: Open the SeeForMe Project in Android Studio

From Android Studio, select the option to "Open an existing Android Studio project"

Then find your copy of the SeeForMe repository.


You must go into that folder, and within the project that you unpacked from the .zip file, select the SeeForMe folder, as indicated in the screenshot.

Once this is correctly selected, Android will begin to build the project.

Step 5: Insert Your API Key

Now that you have successfully downloaded and built the project, you'll have to navigate to the correct location to input your Google Cloud Vision API key.

On the left side, you'll have to change the Android Project view, from the default Android Project View, to the Project view as indicated in the screenshots.

Then navigate the folder directory to get to Camera2BasicFragment file.

This is under SeeForMe > app > src > main > java > edu.uw.seeforme.seeforme > Camera2BasicFragment

Once you open the Camera2BasicFragment file, you can find the appropriate location for you to place your own API key from Step 1.

Place your key in the indicated spot, and then save your changes.

Step 6: Run the SeeForMeApp

After you have saved your changes with your API key, you'll be able to run the SeeForMe app to your phone.

Just hit the Run button as indicated, select your device, and wait for the SeeForMe app to build to your phone.

You've now successfully built the SeeForMe app.

You can see our User Guide in the GitHub repository, as well as further information on our project.

The SeeForMe app is meant to work with the TalkBack accessibility application, and you may have to turn this on in your phone separately. TalkBack is already installed on most devices, and can typically found in your phone under Settings > System > Accessibility.

Thanks for following along!

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    Very interesting. I had no idea something like this was possible!