SeeSaw Serving Dish

This is very quick prototype for the See Saw Serving Dish.  

Many kids find the see saw in the playground to be a fun game.  It is nothing more than a balance, but with that balance I remember learning about weight, gravity, levers, balance and team work.  Above all, it was always fun. 

Dinner tables can sometimes become very dull and boring. Some dinner parties can turn into the same old meet and greet.  I am creating the see saw serving dish as a playful addition to a dining table.  It can be played with different finger foods, with others or by yourself if the party is really that boring. 

This is a very rough prototype.  Further development could help me discuss more serious topics such as inequalities in food access.  

I really enjoy the fact that it can be done with very inexpensive materials, found cardboard holders from apple packaging and wire. 

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    I guess I do say prototype a lot. Non prototype works for me. I guess another word would be final product?

    thanks for your comment.