Seed for Minecraft PE

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Intro: Seed for Minecraft PE

Ok I'm back with another handy seed for Minecraft PE survival. But it is also a really bad build idea I came up with so... Ya...

Step 1: Spawn

This is spawn

Step 2: Surroundings

These r ur surroundings.

Step 3: The Build

And here it comes... The really bad build idea. Plz plz PLZ!!!! Don't hate it in the comments. I'm just a poor instructable person trying to get ur approval. sniff* sniff* (got that from the you tuber MagmaMusen).

Step 4: Seed

Sorry about the monstrosity I built in my spare 5 mins (give or take). But here is the seed so u can build something better than what I did. How about, a competition. Put a pic of what u have built in the comments and in a month after the instructable has been uploaded I will chose a winner. So start building and have it done by 24 of the 9th 2015 so I can chose a winner by the next instructable. But only with this seed creative or survival. So go Go GO. I wish u all the best of luck. BYE!!!



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    2 years ago

    I am sorry to all my followers. I think I may have been hacked. I can not use this account to post instructables any more. Plz try and find my new account called pinkepie16. It will still be old me but this will be the last thing osted by me. I sorry... :(