Seeing in Dark Duct Tape Flip Flops




Introduction: Seeing in Dark Duct Tape Flip Flops

About: Hello, I am 17 year old innovator living in India. My interest lies in Electronics. Surf through my creations and enjoy!!!!1

I was fed up losing contests one by one. I made this project to participate in Duct Tape Challenge.

This is the duct tape flip flops which can light up in the dark to see the ground.

In this instructable I have improved my Photos as I have read somewhere to improve photos to win a contest.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Thermocol Sheet

2. Duct Tape

3. BC548 Transistor

4. Switch

5. Toroid

6. Button Cell

7. LED

8. 1k Resistor

9. A Flip Flop

Step 2: Something About Duct Tape

Duct tape or Duck tape is widely used all over the world to adhere. It has Low Density Polymer(LDP), and some other polymers.

Its Uses are:

1. It is used for insulation

2. Used to Adhere

3. Used to adhere at high temperature

4. Duct tape was used in MARK Project for protection from Grizzly.

5. It is also used By NASA For space Research Work.

Step 3: Creating Base

Take a slipper and cut the thermocol sheet of two layers as shown in figure.

Make a hole exactly by comparing original footwear of your size.

Step 4: Creating Joule Thief

Firstly Make a Toroid winding two wires around Ferrite bead.

Follow the circuit diagram and your Joule thief is ready.

It can work on the voltage less than 0.135v.

Step 5: Ready With Your Joule Thief!

Dont solder LED on PCB and attach it externally.

Note: Do use Switch as shown in figure as I did not mentioned it in Circuit Diagram!

Step 6: Assembling It on Footwears

Attach the circuit below the low pressure area of your Palm. So not more pressure is exerted to circuit and Toroid.

Assemble the components as shown in the image with a duct tape.

Step 7: Add the Second Layer of Sandwich

Add the second layer of thermocol and adhere it with Duct tape.

Also adhere switch in the position as shown in the image.

You can the switch as per your need.

Add straps of footwear with the twisted Duct tape in the hole.

Step 8: Walk in Dark

Now you are done with your See in Dark Flip Flop.

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    3 years ago

    Your instructables need to be overall improved before you are going to win, you can't just improve pictures. Instructables is looking for people with good ideas that put a lot of work into them. The first 20 or so projects I made were awful, and they didn't win; I was young and only put a few hours into them. I am now putting upwards of 10 hours into my projects. Additionally, I think people are turned off by your attitude that you deserve to win. This sounds mean, but it is meant to be constructive criticism.

    P.S. It looks like you have some good ideas, KEEP working on it, and you WILL eventually place in a contest.