Segmented Bowl Using Garden Stakes

I've wanted to try making a segmented bowl for a long time. While wandering around the hardware store a few weeks back I stumbled onto some gardening stakes that had some nice grain. They were a bit warped but only cost $2.99 each and were of some kind of hardwood so I figured I'd give it a go. I cut them to 22.5 degree angles (for 8 sided rings), ran a small electric planer over them, and glued them up. The base is a piece of scrap mahogany that gives a nice contrasting tone. The lathe is a $100 Harbor Freight special and the tools are home made (about $10 to $15 each) with square stock and carbide cutters. Really, anybody can do this with some pretty basic tools. Have fun! Thanks for taking a look.

The video shows the process.



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