Segmented Pictures Changer



Introduction: Segmented Pictures Changer

This project is a multipurpose segmented images in a box.
It has four triangular shape cardboards. Can show 3 different images. Also can be used as a question and answer purposes.

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Step 1: Prepare the Materials

* small cardboard box (to be used as a frame)
* Extra cardboard( to be used as triangular segmented image)
* Glue
* Ruler
* Marker
* Hot glue gun and sticks
* Knife or cutter
* Sticks
* Photo/s

Step 2: Setup the Frame

Mark and cut the edges each about 5mm allowance.
Make a center vertical line on both sides of the box. Divide in 4 equal spaces then mark horizontal line for every spacing. Using stick, punch a hole on each intersection. See the images above.

Step 3: Make Segmented Part

The spacing between the holes in the side of the box can be use as the side of the triangular segmented part but make 3 mm to 5 mm allowance to avoid overlapping of the segments.
Draw three boxes as shown above. Make a triangle from it. And mark it and make it template for the triangle sides of the segmented parts.
Glue these acordingly as shown above.

Step 4: Insert to the Frame

Insert the segmented parts into the frame.

Step 5: Place Desired Images And/or Notes

Cut images that fits with each segmented part. On one phase only.
You can choose to place images for all of the sides or put question and answer for each triangular segmented part. In this example, it has questions, answers, and image. This example is permanent. But, if you desired to replaceable, put clear plastic on each segment. These will used as holders for paper or any segmented images.

This item can also be used as a simple puzzle.

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