Select & Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop

Introduction: Select & Change the Color of Anything in Photoshop

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Hey Guys, in today's episode of Skandy Tutorials, we learn how to make a selection of individual colors in Adobe Photoshop and change them using Hue/Saturation.

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Step 1: ​Select Out and Change the Color of Everything Using Adobe Photoshop - Written Tutorial -

Drag and drop the image you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, i would advise using a .png image with a transparent background to create strong contrast between the colors. If you need to remove the background from your image using the quick selection will do. Here is a tutorial if you are unsure.

Change Remove Background -

Create a new layer and choose the paint bucket tool, select a color that you wish to have the background as. If you are using an image with the background still in then skip this step as i will show you how to change the background colors too.

Create a new layer, choose Select, Color Range, have select set as sample colors and using the eyedropper select the area or item you wish to change the color of. The idea is to have the area you wish to change the color of as white and by using the plus and minus eyedroppers having everything else as black. Adjust the fuzziness up and down to get the clearest contrast between black and white, if there are any small imperfections that you cant seem to get rid of then don't worry as we will remove this with some layer masking. Once happy click OK.

Now click on a new adjustment layer in the bottom panel and select hue and saturation and check colorize. Play around with the hue / saturation and lightness to change the color to your selection.

To remove any imperfections in the image then on the Adjustment Layer mask choose either Black or White following the same principles as above and using the Brush Tool painting in or out each affected area.

To change the background follow the exact same steps as above but this time have the foreground image white and the background as black.

You have now Completed the Select Out & Change Colors Photoshop Tutorial

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