Garfield Drinking Cup Engraving




Garfield is all about relaxation, lasagna, and annoying Odie.  He's a great subject to be immortalized on a plastic drinking cup for the summer. 

Step 1: Size the Image to Your Workpiece

Garfield with a smug look was a great choice from Google images.  Size the image to fit your cup.  A little measuring is involved.

Step 2: Secure the Image

Yeah that looks pretty cool! I'm going to stick you in place Garfield.

Step 3: To the Workshop

Now that the image is secure and power tools will be used to do the engraving safety must come first.  The dremel is the tool of choice.  My dremel has a flexible shaft that makes it easy to do precision work and have better control over the bit using it like a pencil.  I tried two different engraving bits and the smaller one worked better.

Step 4: Tracing/Engraving

Following the printout was pretty easy but my hand got a bit tired and the tool got warm after about 10 minutes of work. (or halfway through)
After a short break I moved the paper a little to see if I missed any areas and determine how the shadows were looking.

Step 5: The Final Product

All the engraving looks good.  I washed the cup to get it ready for service.  The slower you go engraving taking more time to make solid lines and not allow the bit to jump off the line the better the design will look.  I'm looking forward to making more elaborate original designs and this opens up a bunch of gifting options.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used the Dremel 7103 diamond bit. I had picked it up a while ago thinking that I could do this on glass. It worked well on the plastic with some periodic cleaning off of the plastic dust.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've been doing this kind of engraving for years on the glass in picture frames (extremely fragile after being engraved) and even car windows, although a couple of the generally available bits will work, Ive found that getting a diamond encrusted bit from a beauty supply store works the best and lasts a long time.. Nice "ible"