Overview on Selenium Online Training

Selenium is a tool used for automating web applications and was originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. Used initially as an internal tool at Thought Works, today it is backed by some of the largest browser vendors - making Selenium an integral part of their browser and various other automation tools. Selenium has seen a phenomenal increase in popularity and usage since 2011.

This has led to a huge spike in Selenium tutorials for beginners as well. With a remarkable increase in job opportunities for Selenium professionals since January 2015, the industry has turned to selenium online courses to meet the present training needs. With the help of selenium online training and live projects, job seekers can concentrate on Selenium proficiency as well as QA positions using selenium tutorials as an added advantage.

With countless selenium videos and selenium online courses saturating the market, potential learners need to carefully consider who they choose as their trainer. Keeping this in mind, ITeLearn has taken the initiative of hosting one of the best Selenium online tutorials, with a focus on Selenium training with Java.

Our selenium tutorial videos will include a range of comprehensive learning material, starting from Selenium IDE download, to a detailed theoretical and practical understanding of the Webdriver, as well as the suite’s component features like Selenium grid. An extremely powerful tool, selenium includes features that not only make extensive automation possible but are fun to learn and work with as well.

So let us break down in six features why it would be a great idea for you to check out our selenium tutorials and training sessions:

  • 100+ hours of high quality videos
  • 8 fast track Selenium training videos
  • Lifetime access to Selenium discussion forums
  • Email & Forum based technical support
  • Access to Selenium scripts and assignments
  • Live interactive Selenium tutorials and Projects

The training program focuses on learning Selenium with Java, the most widely used programming language in the world. The tool works great with Java, which, once learnt, makes it easy for you to pick up other languages as well.

The course will be spread out over three weeks, covering key concepts like automation fundamentals, Selenium IDE, element identification, Selenium Webdriver, Core Java/Junit and automation frameworks.

Another advantage of the program is that it concentrates more on project work and practical application as opposed to just theory, making the tool easy to learn and locate within real-life usage.

What Do You Take Away From This Program?

At the end of the training, you can sign up for job placement assistance as well. The program gives you the opportunity to create a resume and have it reviewed before applying for job openings.

This basically means that learners will have both supervision and support while looking for placements. They will be trained to efficiently use their newly acquired skills in meeting personal career goals and objectives.

If you’re considering learning this program there are a lot of resources that you can access that will give you an idea of what to expect before you begin official training in Selenium.

Watching free demo videos online, attempting one or two sessions of live or video training and joining a real time live project are some of the tasks you can get involved in which will prepare you and give you a better understanding of what this tool entails.



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