Seleziona's Skorpion 2.0 MODDED!




Introduction: Seleziona's Skorpion 2.0 MODDED!

I made a knex gun called the Skorpion 2.0 from Seleziona and thought it could be improved so I added some things to it and I will show you how to make them. If you want to make the gun then go to

Step 1: Grip

This is the grip 

Step 2:

These are the instructions for stronger rubber bands on the cocking mechanism. You do it on both sides. I used #33 rubber bands too. 

Step 3:

Lastly the stronger trigger. Again I used #33 rubber bands.

Step 4:

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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    Old comment much? I thought it was a decent gun when I posted the comment. And I ignored the terrible grip, ok?