Self Assembling Bicycle





Introduction: Self Assembling Bicycle

Last summer I decided to restored my old bike, but not in usual way
using hands and tools, but also making stop motion video from all process. After disassembly, sandblasting, painting, and prepare all parts I started make movie. I shot 5349 photos for this project, it took me 1 month of work (assembly bike, making photos, and editing it to video). I using my old canon 50d + 135mm lens. Have a nice watching :)



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    14 Discussions

    You dod an amazing job on both the bike and the film. Your incredibly talented! Thanks for sharring this with us!

    dude you're bad a** I enjoyed it thanks for sharing

    Dude, you are totally whacked! I admire your patience. Nice job in the assembly and the video! Got my vote.

    Truly amazing job with this video and restoring the bike. I felt like jumping into the video to play with your doggie. :D Definitely thanks for sharing... *2 thumbs up*

    Really funny and inspiring video. I want to ride out in the woods now.

    that's a great stop motion video...I enjoyed it a lot :) And I know it took you a very long time to do and edit! Thanks for sharing. I just thought you had actually invented a self-assembling bike! lol ;)

    awesome... totally enjoyed it !!!

    Excellent!! Brilliant!

    awesome stop motion! and the bike look nice too ;)

    This is brilliant. I liked it so much I've decided to buy a self assembly bicycle. Where do they sell them? I've tried teaching mine to self assemble but when I took it apart in the garage, it just ended up sitting there doing nothing. Do they have to be specially trained or have I just got a lazy or dead bike?

    Is is a very well edited and poor to get her 6/5 stars

    Very cool! I've always been intrigued by stop motion. You did a very excellent job!