Self Charging EV


Introduction: Self Charging EV


I have made these simple plans for a self charging EV. I think this is a really cool idea because if I am able to build it then I would have a self-powered vehicle that runs off of completely renewable energy. Also there would be none of the hassle of the charge time that is the frequent complaint associated with other electric vehicles. Another perk to my design is that limited speed, another down side to EV's, would not be an issue. Because it makes use of lithium ion batteries, it can store a large amount of energy in a small amount of space, and the batteries are constantly being charged by the rotation of the wheels. Furthermore, this is a very simple concept easily recreated by almost anybody, but has high potential to become the next big thing in mainstream automotives. This is just the basic concept. I came up with this idea last year and have been learning to use Google Sketchup so that I could make these plans. As I get better with Google Sketchup I will update these plans to reflect more than just the basics of my idea. I hope you enjoy my idea, and if anyone is able to recreate it I would enjoy seeing these plans actually put into action. For me, right now, this is just an idea because I am only 13 and don't have a job to pay for the things I need to get in order to build this myself. But one day I will, hopefully. :-)

Thanks for checking out my creation, and please be sure to leave me some feedback.

Step 1: The Basic Concept

In this image you see the rear battery, motor, controller, axle, 2 alternators, and 2 wheels. The motor is powered by the battery, and turns the axle and wheels. The action of the rotation of the axle turns the gears for the alternators. The alternators then convert this movement to electrical energy that gets routed back to the battery to be stored or used. The whole design includes 4 alternators (one for each wheel), 2 battery units, 2 motors, and 2 controllers (enabling for the possibility of 4 wheel drive). As I get better with Google Sketchup I will include a body design that will also feature solar window treatments.

If you got to the bottom I know what what your thinking conservation of energy I will as soon as possible will uplode a new indestructible with fixed errs thank you. :)

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:



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    Conservation of Energy is High-School physics. You have described yet another perpeptual-motion machine which is simply impossible.

    No problem, I'd reccomend looking into the Law of Conservation of Energy. You may find that this will help you the direction of these future projects. Good luck.

    Ok, i will make a new idea and up load that.

    I once had ambitions similar to this when I was in high school 10 years ago. My idea was using magnets to create a generator, but it got scrapped mainly because it borders on perpetual energy which is impossible. Instead of separate motors and alternators, it would be best to use an AC motor (aka, 3-phase induction motor) invented by Nikola Tesla. It uses EM fields to power a metal rotor (aluminum or copper, coppor provides higher efficiency) without using brushes like with DC motors and it can automatically act as a generator when "coasting" so it doesn't require much in the way of regenerative braking hardware/programming. Look up the motor as well as Tesla Motors and EV West (on youtube). For ideas and inspiration. I am currently brainstorming my own automobile creation using AC motors, quasiturbine ethanol engine/pneumatic engine powered generator, homemade supercapacitors with liFePO batteries, and solar panels. I like the direction you are taking with this idea! Research some more and save up money when you can and make it a reality! Good luck, kid!

    I am afraid to say that I feel Unprecedented is right. If the car fully recharges itself it will be unable to move, and if all the cars energy goes to moving it will be unable to charge, sorry.

    Conservation of energy unfortunately doesn't allow for this.