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When thinking about my entry for this contest, it occurred to me that there is an unsolved dilemma that occurs in those long, bumpy car rides we enjoy so much. We are becoming more practical with the time we spend in the car, using it to play or sleep which have become easier with the introduction of travel pillows and travel board games. However, something that would be most useful for road trips is ease of dining. No more food stains on the seat covers or splashed liquid on laptops, as this self-balancing travel bowl eliminates the need to pull in to a service station to enjoy a meal on the road. It is a very simple design, which works with two axles with balance each other out when tilted. While going down a steep road, the outer ring will rotate in the direction that the car is pointing, whereas the inner ring will rotate backwards, and the two angles will balance each other out.

Step 1: The Outer Ring

The outer ring has two axles on each side, horizontally aligned. These need to be able to move freely while still being attached to the outer ring.

Step 2: The Inner Ring

Make a new ring which is scaled down by 25%, then add the same slightly longer axles, which tilt on the other horizontal axis.

Step 3: The Bowl

Vary the measurements of your two rings to match the size of this bowl, so there is approximately a cm between the bowl and the inner ring. Attach the bowl through the inner ring's axles, allowing it to rotate freely to the left or right.

Step 4: Hinge

Of course this is optional as you could use any stand suited to your car to hold up the bowl, however a clever and portable way of doing this is by adding a 90 degree hinge the back of the passenger seat. Attach a hinge between the back of the seat and a side of the outer ring, so that you can pull down and fold up your travel bowl whenever you need it.

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    We don't have that here in the UK, but my design is supposed to be hinged on to the backseat of the car so you can use both hands instead of having to use the handles around the outside on the 'gyro bowl'?