Intro: DIY "Tekken 3" Arcade Macine




After seeing online tutorials, and because I had time off from school - I decided to build an Arcade games machine. I added a lot of detailed pictures so you do no need much verbal description. The pice of the project Flexible - depending on which parts you can get for free. For me it was about $ 150. If questions arise you can send a message and I'll be back soon as I can. I hope to inspire people to revive the nostalgia. have fun construction and games. let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Step 1: Drafting and Design

Step 2: Cutting Plates of Wood According to Drawing

Step 3: Connecting the Boards and Building the Frame

Step 4: Taking an Old Computer Parts

Step 5: Connecting the Computer's Parts Into the Body

Step 6: Building a Frame for the Screen

Step 7: Installing a Fan

Step 8: Connecting the Keyboard and Mouse & Installing the ON/Off Button

Step 9: Strengthening the Parts and Connection of Power Strip & Power Connection

Step 10: Connecting the Screen Frame to the Body Machine & Wireless Network Card

Step 11: Connecting Speakers

Step 12: Connecting the Screen and Fixing All Together & Testing...

Step 13: Paint the Machine With Black Base-Color

Step 14: Connecting Lifting-handles to the Machine

Step 15: Connecting Silicon Stands (against Scratches) to the Bottom of the Machine & Power Cable �mprovement

Step 16: Where Are We? Installing the Game!

Step 17: Installing the Basis for Controllers and Hinged for Access

Step 18: Installing Pieces of Plexiglas

Step 19: Connecting Light Socket

Step 20: Controllers and Buttons Connecting & Testing

Step 21: Printing and Pasting Stickers and Wrapping to the Machine

Step 22: Final Stage - It's About Time! Operating the Machine

Step 23: "Epilogue" - Final Images From the Project



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago


    as a kid, I told myself that, one day, I would have a tekken 3 arcade machine in my home one day. I can't even ballpark how many hours I've spent playing that game at home or in the arcades.

    Now that I am a man (in age only, I assure you) I'm thinking it's time. But I think it would be even COOLER to make an arcade machine that can play ALL the Tekkens somehow. Just a thought. Thanks for the great instructable!


    3 years ago

    Make one for Tekken 6. It is way better. I own it and The Graphics r way mor sufisticated! can u try that out?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    plexi-glass knife.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    So great Ible and hooray for Tekken, but i think that this is in the wrong contest. i doesn't look very sledge-hammer proof for the indestructible contest, not involve sewing for the tophatter contest, but i voted for it in the furniture contest.


    This is a cool project - I would love some more detail about how you constructed this.