Self Zipping Helper !




This simple tool come from my grandmother. 
She died at 100 years. She was really resourceful.
She loved to wear dresses, but it was very difficult for her to ride the zipper in the back.

I only hope that this small object can help you in everyday life.

Good luck to you !

Step 1: Materials

You need 6 feet of twine And a smaller piece than act like a stopper.

For the Twine,Thin and durable is better !
For the stopper, I use a Soda Can ring opener....I recycle :) and it's very

but you can use what you want !

Step 2: Cutting Twine !

Approximatively 6 feet....

Step 3: Prepare the Twine....

Fold the rope into two equal end and thread through the ring

Step 4: Make the Loop !

Take both ends of the twine and pass in the loop...

Step 5: Attach Firmly to the Ring...

Pulled firmly on the end of the twine to tighten the twine to the ring.

Step 6: Optionnal End-loop...

You can make a loop of each end...for better grip.

Step 7: How This Work !?!

Very simple !

Before you dress, put one end of  twine in the zipper. Slip your dress and pull the twine up.
Simply pull the other end to remove the twine from the zipper.
This tool is useful



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    2 Discussions


    That's actually quite brilliant...

    Now I'm really surprised no company has an infomercial version of this...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever your grandmother!!

    I don't use dresses with zips, but anyway, thanks for share this.