Self-antiquing Prank, Just Use Paper and Flour.

This prank involves the unsuspecting victim to actually prank themselves. All you have to do is set it up and watch the magic happen. If you are an avid prankster then you might be familiar with the term antiquing. For those of you who don't know what this means, it is pretty much when you throw flour in the face of your friend or foe when they least expect it, making them look like an "antique". This prank lets your target antique themselves. This prank is to be used in the visor of a car,(preferably not your car because of the mess) and only in the passengers seat as to not distract the driver while he or she is driving. When the sun is setting later in the day your passenger will need to lower their visor and BAAAAMMM out of nowhere flour jumps out and covers them from head to toe.

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Step 1: Collect Your Materials.

All you need for this prank are a few simple items.

-One sheet of paper

-A small amount of either flour or baby powder (whichever you have readily available)

- Tape

-A car with a working visor.

-An unsuspecting target. (Preferably a good friend.)

-Optional, one pair of scissors .

Step 2: Folding Your Paper.

First fold the paper in half from top to bottom, then unfold it. Second, fold the top edge the opposite way (approx 1/4") of the fold you just made. This fold you just made will make a "lip" for the paper to hold onto the visor until it is deployed. Third, you need to make "sidewalls" on the side so the flour doesn't spill out too soon if prank isn't deployed right away. To do this you need to make 1/4" cuts at each of the folds.  Two cuts on the left and two cuts on the right. Once the cuts are made you fold the flaps up on each side to keep the flour in place until it is time. If you don't have scissors you can easily tear them. That is it for the folding, the pictures will help you understand better how these folds/cuts should be made.

Step 3: Setting Up the Prank.

When the time is right all you need to do is grab your pre-folded paper, tape, and flour(or baby power) to set your trap. Open the visor and tape the "lip" to the front edge to hold it in place. Next lift up the paper to make a "pouch" and fill it with a small amount of flour. Too much will make the unit fall prematurely, and you will see what I mean when you go to actually set this up. Once you have enough flour carefully raise the paper up the rest of the way and put the visor back into its original position. Make sure to clean up any evidence of the flour. If you do this all correctly the target will never notice it up there. Now you are ready for the fun to begin.

Step 4: Sit Back and Enjoy the Fun.

Now you are ready for the action to take place. Just buckle up, put on your shades, and drive into the sunset. Once that annoying sun hits your passengers' eyes they will reach for the visor and BAAAMMM, flour will pour out and they will be covered from head to toe. You might want to pull over real quick and get ready to run because there is the slight possibility that they might want some payback. Have fun with this one and don't forget your running shoes.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Instructables has a "be nice" comment policy. As I do not want to be banned from this site, I won't be saying truthful things. I will only say positive and constructive things like, "What a thoughtful and helpful instructable" and "Thank you for what you are doing for the Instructable community and the world". I was looking for a antiquing project. This was not my best pick. Oh well.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This seems more dangerous to me.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     The person that opens the visor usually gets hit mostly in the shirt and pants. When something bright hits our eyes we tend to lean back and reach for the visor, usually with our eyes closed unless we are driving.