DIY Disco-Karaoke Jukebox




Introduction: DIY Disco-Karaoke Jukebox

It all started when I found near my house two wooden frames.
I didn't know what they were intended for... so i asked my friends for advice.
My friends saw the frame and said it looks just like Jukebox

So I decided to make a nice project out of it....

The amount i invested building this project estimated by $300

I must note that I didnt pay for all the wood working and for the woods plates.

If you have questions you can send me a message -
but I think the pictures explain excellently all the steps so no need to expand in many words for each step

Enjoy !

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Step 1: Materials, Parts and Tools

Materials / parts:

1X shirt with sound activated equalizer
10 meters of colorful fabric string
1X sensor powered sound for LEDs
Wooden decorations
1X bronze Spray
1X gold spray
1X black spray
1X silver spray
2X spray Mahogany Brown
1X package of mosaic
2.5 meters clear plastic tube
2.5 meters of thin black plastic tube
1 meter of rubber tube (cut into small pieces)
2X little picture frames
1X Karaoke Speaker + 2 microphones

2X microphones stand holder

1X 10.1 tablet

2 meters garden net
1x IR extender
4X small wheels
1X Pack of cuffs
3X Switches
2 squares of a floating ceiling
3X rotating disco lamps 360
2X axes
1X USB Bluetooth Music Receiver
Electrical wires
Electrical power divider/ Power strip


Cordless Drill
Drilling cups
Hot glue gun
Hammer and nails
Screws and screwdrivers
Stanley knife

* Of course you also need wood, I worked in a carpentry workshop so i can only estimate that i used 3 large wooden pallets of 3X3 meters

Step 2: The Frame of the Machine

Step 3: Connecting and Strengthening the Frame

Step 4: Continuation of Frame Construction

Step 5: Improvement of LEDs Lights

Step 6: Preparation LEDs Lights Tube (voice Activated)

Step 7: Equalizer Activated by Sound (Including the Construction of "acoustic Chamber" for the Sensor)

Step 8: Wooden Decorations

Step 9: Connection of the LEDs Lights Into the Tube


Step 10: Connecting Electric Supplier for the Equalizer


Step 11: Building Cover for the Body of the Machine

Step 12: Continue Building the Cover

Step 13: Preparing Circular Holes for Speakers

Step 14: Infrastructure for Electricity

Step 15: Drilling Power Cord Exit Hole

Step 16: Painting the Machine

Step 17: Painting the Frames of the Speakers

Step 18: Connecting Wheels at the Bottom of the Machine

Step 19: Drilling Holes for Disco Spining Lamps

Step 20: Painting the Disco Lamps Bases

Step 21: Disco Lamps Wiring


Step 22: Preparing the Connections for LEDs Lights

Step 23: Making the Speaker Covers (Cutting & Painting)

Step 24: Cutting Space for the Tablet

Step 25: Painting the LEDs Tube Connectors

Step 26: Connecting the Speaker (Karaoke)

Step 27: Cutting and Painting "safety Net" for Speakers Covers

Step 28: Connecting the Speakers Covers Into the Machine

Step 29: Preparing Frame for the Equalizer

Step 30: Preparing Frame for the Tablet

Step 31: Mosaic- Decorating the Connections

Step 32: Adding IR Extender for Sensors

Step 33: Adding USB Bluetooth Music Receiver

Step 34: Connecting the Speakers and Fix Them Into the Machine

Step 35: Adding the Microphones Stand Holders (for Karaoke)

Step 36: Last Step - Connections and Cables Arrangement

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    2 years ago

    Nice, Where are You get The Wooden decorations?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Are u serious? I built it all as you can see in my photos ( except the basic frame as I wrote)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    ok nvm i just don't get it either it's supposed to say self built or if it is self building that means it builds itself... See how that might be confusing?


    5 years ago

    Phew, it hasn't become self-aware yet. Man still has time.